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In this regard, ASA (softball) inserted a very significant rule a couple of years ago (and for some reason didn't highlight it in the yearly list of rule changes). There is no fourth out appeal, advantageous or otherwise, on a runner who did not score.

Therefore, in the original post, since the appeal at 1B was the third out, the run would be nullified. However, if the same play had begun with 2 out, then the appeal at 1B would be the fourth out. Since the BR did not score, the appeal is not honored. The run would score. In every other code that I know of, the advantageous fourth out at 1B would nullify the run.

In the obvious example:

Bases loaded, 2 out. BR hits a ball off the fence and misses 1B. The three preceding runners score, and the BR is thrown out at home. The defense then appeals BR's miss of 1B. Sorry, fellas, the BR did not score. The runs count.
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