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Originally Posted by RoyGardner
"Does Team B have the option of taking the ball at B's 37 plus the 5 yard offside on Team A?"

No. Wording of rule allows B to elect to have the procedural penalty (offside on A) enforced from the dead ball spot at the end of the run. If B elects to accept the OB spot, then they have accepted the penalty enforcement for a kick OB at the OB spot (therefore there is no run) and we cannot enforce two penalties on the same play.

We can only enforce 1 penalty, kick OB, or the procedural penalty for offside, not both.
Roy, Jason's explanation of this makes more sense. You are making the assumption that the acceptance of the ball at the 37 is a penalty enforcement, when in fact the declining of the penalty for kicking the ball out of bounds would put the ball at the 37. I accept Jason's correction of my original statement, as with the wording of the penalty there must have been a run or a TB. I know it's splitting hairs.... but it is what it is.
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