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I appreciate the input so far. I already am doing some of the suggestions so far. I attended two local all day clinic this past off-season and I also try to read about officiating and associated philosophies as much as possible. I need to find a mentor...that is something I have yet to do. I think I will look into a new association (my current one is very small) next season as well as try to set short term goals.

As for the creadibility...a good example is illegal formations. In the past I did a game where the team getting blown out was starting to cheat their gaurds back. They were setting up in a two point stance and none of their bodies were breaking the waist of the snapper. There is an advantage to be gained as pulling was much easier to accomplish from that position. I had the other official on the side line warn the coaches, but the situation contuned. Thats an easy call when the game is close, but do you throw it when they are being blown out by 5 TD's? I knew that dropping the flag for this would probably be in poor taste and draw the ire of my crew; but it bothered me to think that if the game was much closer, I'd have no trouble flagging it.

I'm really worried that I'd loose creadibility with someone that was evaluating me for the next level or for the state governing association, but calling this in the 1st quarter and not in the third of fourth.

I know I need to relax...I'm working on it. Its ironic, I actually get more concerned about being an official and doing a good job than I do my real job (chemist).

Again thanks for the input. Considering the level of experties and experience around this place...I greatly value what y'all have to say.
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