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Input needed.

I made the title vague so that I might have a lot of people view this and give input. I strat out by telling a bit about myself. This is my 3rd season as a varsity official. My long term goals are to at least make it to I-AA ball (hopefully in the next 10-15 years). I try to officiate and do things with that goal always in mind.

As a style of officiating do you call the game consistant from the first snap to the last or do you allow procedural type infractions slide if the game is way out of hand and its in the second half? I find myself being someone that is of the first type while the more seasoned officials I know tend to be the latter.

While I understand that preventavie officiating is now very popular. I also understand that we should avoid the notice of the crowd when at all possible (keeping flags tucked away). This is more so compounded when a game is way out of hand, the outcome is obvious and a lot of laundry on the field will only extend the game longer.

I am concerned that not calling obvious fouls in those situations will lead to a loss of creadibility with coaches that review the game film later...that it will negatively impact reviews of my performance as an official.

I'm trying to be as consistant from the first play to the last, but am I being to strict and uptight? I don't want to be viewed as a "rule book" official by other officials, but I also want to be considered a professional, consistant and creadiable official by anyone reviewing my work.

Give me a new way to think about which way to develop myself to be successful in the future. Thats all I want...its not a desire to be on a power trip or get a pay check...I truely want to be better for the sake of advancing to have the privilage of working higher level games.

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