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Originally Posted by FootballRef05
Certainly we all understand preventive officiating however in the 10 years I have been doing this I have always been intrigued with how we interpert the rules and which ones we feel are nit picky and are allowed to be let go for a certain amount of time, and how each official has a different level of tolerance for this.

In this situation what the center is doing is clearly illegal, however the respinses have varied from talking to him, letting him do it several time before tossing a flag to no harm no foul. I guess this is part of what I love about officiating.

I would love to know how all of you would handle a D linemen with his hand in the NZ?
I would handle this way, if I am the wing official I would talk to my umpire and have him move the D player back. If the D player's team is on my side I would talk to the coach.
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