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The suburbs or country should make no difference, but if you’re from Missouri you may not believe me. It is not a personal foul. It could be and as you described it, very likely should be an Unsportsmanlike Conduct foul for taunting. Your head coach can certainly mention it in his pre-game conference with the officials.

As a player, your best action is to smile at the player and back away. It may not sound like the manly thing to do but it serves two purposes. 1) The smile lets the player know you’re not intimidated. 2) It’s much easier for an official to know who the real trouble maker is.

Normally officials will warn players about this kind of conduct, so be patient and let them handle it. And don’t clap your hands if the official does warn him – you’ll get the next one. If it continues, tell your coach – let him take care of it. If you do say something to an official, choose you words carefully! Do not say “DIDN’T YOU SEE THAT!!” or “AREN’T YOU GOING TO FLAG THAT!?!” Pick a time like a time out or the end of a quarter to mention it and do it without emotion.

Lastly, do not get into a “stare down” with him. You may force an official into action – but you may not like the out come.
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