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Originally posted by Danvrapp
Case book 4.19.8 B reads: "B1 holds A1, whose team is in the bonus. A1 is successful in both free-throw attempts. While B1 is making the throw-in from behind the end line, A1 pushes B2." I'm concerned when Team B IS NOT in the bonus.

The Ruling states: "...If Team B is not in the bonus, it is awarded the ball for a throw-in from a designated spot OOB nearest to where the foul occurred.

Is this right? I thought the new rule this year entitled B to continue to be able to run the end line in this situation. Am I missing something....? Is something different here because B1 had just held A1? Does the word "While" in the explaination have anything to do with anything? Does this mean the ball is already in the air when A1 is called for the push?

Rule(s) 7.5.7 and 7.4.3 may be good rules to reference here.

See Case *7.5.7 Situation B (p.53).

The Rule folks, and I, must consider it not much of a disadvantage for the Thrower to inbound the ball near the division line or beyond. It is considered "a wash".


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