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Originally Posted by BktBallRef
Don't back down so quickly, Juulie.

For the record, I disagree that a player control foul is a team control foul.
It doesn't matter, that's not what she said.

Originally Posted by BktBallRef

When an airborne shooter commits a player control foul after releasing the ball, there is no team control.

This type of foul does not meet the definition of a team control foul. (4-19-7) Therefore, a PC foul is not a team control foul.

Player control fouls and team control fouls are two different animals and should not be grouped together, even if the penalties are the same.
Read the definition for TC foul. And you're late with the exception, Nevada mentioned it this afternnon.

Originally Posted by BktBallRef

BTW Dan, "Who cares if you're wrong or how often," is not a statement. It's a question and need a question mark at the end.
How precious.