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I do not see the transition as being that difficult. Of course the shot clock is now a factor at the college level that is not in most HS situations. You have kids that are bigger and faster at the college level and your whistle has to be much slower and your calls have to be more deliberate. I also agree with Brad. If you are working Men's basketball you need to get rid of Girl's basketball in your sights. I think it is a harder transition to work a girl's game on a Friday and then work a Men's college game on Saturday afternoon. The speed of the game is a huge factor and you do not want to be a couple steps behind when working college ball. Also when you talk plays or see things that take place at the HS level, think of the college interpretation or how it should be handled at the college ranks. This will help you understand the rules differences as the year goes on. If this is your first year you likely are not going to be alternating every night working a HS game then a college game (even big time veterans do not do this as much as you would think). If you are the typical first year college official, you will have plenty of time to go over differences in mechanics, rules and philosophy. You can watch a lot of college basketball to get a feel of what to call and what is expected. If you have a good pre-game, that will help greatly. Just do not over think the job you have to do when you officiate a college game.

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