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Talking NFHS Part 1 Questions

Need other opinions on these two statements from this year's VB exam.

#12 appears to be an exercise in reading. I believe the answer is TRUE, but may only be partially true. It has to do with the timing of notification. The rule, 5.6.3 (b) includes the directive of notification "after the first dead ball". Question 12 does not contain that stipulation.

In #81, I believe the answer is FALSE. 12.2.6 states a head coach may stand during a dead ball to coach his/her players provided he/she is "in the libero replacement zone". However, #81 does not state where the coach is standing. Could this statement be interpreted otherwise because 12.2.6 specifically covers the location the coach must be to give instructions to his/her players?

Your help is appreciated!
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