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Originally Posted by ChuckElias
"Mr. Bourassa has been criticized by a sports columnist who said “frogs” is considered a racist insult everywhere in North America."

Really? I've never heard that before in my life. Why is "frog" considered racist? Obviously, it doesn't have anything to do with skin color. Is it b/c the French eat frogs' legs? That seems like a pretty weak insult to me.
Yes, the term historically refers back to the French eating frogs. It's not considered as bad as "beret-wearing, moustache-growing, fight-with-the-feet surrender monkies" though.

Btw, I used to know a guy that played with the Montreal Canadiens. He said that the English-speaking guys on the club used to call the French-Canadians Pepsis, and that was quite a common term in Quebec at that time.
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