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Originally Posted by Bandit
When all of the umpires were ASA they wore ASA shirts. When one of the umpires was not ASA they wore the ISF shirts. Mr Lee. Was not ASA so therefore he could not wear an ASA shirt. All umpires were ISF so therfore they had to wear ISF shirts whenever Mr Lee was on the diamond. Marketing was not considered

Finally we had an explanation...
Though this cannot explain WHY shouldn't they weare ISF uniforms for EVERY and each game, 'cause: "All umpires were ISF..."

Just wondering... my intention is NOT questioning, believe me.
I was lucky enough to work many ISF tournaments.
In Europe every nation has its own umpires uniform and the 'common' one is ESF uniform (navy blue pants + powder blue polo shirt with ESF logo on a sleeve + navy blue cap with ESF logo on it).
Al this said, at ISF tournaments played in Europe umpires are requested to wear ISF uniforms...

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