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Originally Posted by clodder
I am a parent and player, but not an umpire.

Girls 10 y old fastball tournament following CSA (Canadian) rules which I believe are essentially the same as ASA. Two out, two on, and batter hits a home run. Rest of team comes to congratulate her at home plate and she removes her helmet just before she enters the bench area. Umpire calls her out for removing her helmet on field of play, and also says "no runs' because she is the third out.

First, calling an out seems overly picky even if in the rules - is it?. Second, even if the out call were technically correct, was not allowing the two runs that crossed the plate before her correct?
I am a CSA Umpire. I don't have my rule book handy but i do know that there was a big error x 2 on this play.
# 1 - the helmut must be intentionally removed during live ball while running the bases in order to call the runner out, and there is an exception to that. If the runner is running and the helmut has slipped and was covering her/his eyes and she/he tried to fix it and it fell off then most CSA umps will not make an out call.
@ 2 the batter runner had already touch first legally so therefore the out was after the runner touched home plate so therefore the 2 runs should have still counted.

My first time on guys & gals. have been reading this board for a couple months and have enjoyed some of the comments

Will be back RDW
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