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I had two ugly ones. Ugly games and a partner who was pretty sharp but was not very strong "rule book wise."

Girls private school game. Losing team commits some hard fouls in the last 4 minutes of the game. The final foul with 36 seconds to go, was a knee to the,..ur...ah, crotch of the dribbler. I don't know whether it was intentional or not, but it was flagrant. My partner called a flagrant technical foul, shoulda been a flagrant personal foul but not biggie there. Then he wacked an asst. coach twice and ejected him. That was fine as I had warned him in the 1st qtr. I considered calling the game at that point since the losing team was down 15 but I let the game finish.

During the captains' meeting of the boys game, my partner tells the captains that we will send out the first player with his shirt untucked, the second will be a delay of game warning and the third will be a T!

During the game, he called BI when a defender slapped the backboard while trying to block a shot.

He called a double dribble on a fumble, a throw-in violation for touching the 2" boundary line, and...well, you get the picture.

Oh, and the losing team finished the game with 3 players on the floor.

All in all, I was lucky to get out alive!
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