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Originally posted by Mark T. DeNucci, Sr.
Originally posted by zebraman
From the Points of Emphasis on Page 69 of the NFHS rule book:

C. Screens:
The screened player is expected to stop or attempt to stop on contact and move around the screen. Excessive contact or "pushing through" the screen is illegal. Sounds to me like you had excessive contact.


NFHS R10-S6-A3 states that even though the screener was knocked down, as long as the player being screened stops on contact the contact between the two players is legal. Only when the screened player continues on through the screen does his contact become a foul by him.
Ok, so if B1 makes contact with the blind screener (A2)while running...A2 falls and B1 falls on top of or next to him do I have a foul? In this case, B2 just didnt see him and the resulting collision sends both to the deck.

I know what the rules are saying but why punish good defense?

Thanks Mark

Larks - I love these split second decisions!
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