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There's a tremendous amount of difference in the rules as opposed to mechanics. For example, in college these items don't exist or the rule is different, to name a few:

Loose ball foul
Restricted area
Defensive 3 seconds
Advancing the ball to the FC on TO
Backcourt situations
Shot clock
3 tenths rule
Flagrant vs. intentional fouls
Jump stops
Inbounds spot on violations/fouls
Held balls

As for mechanics, there are basic differences in:

Floor coverage
Hand signals
Flex (rotation)
Post officiating
And just basic officiating philosophy

And yes, to answer a question in the other thread, I'm sure officials like John Clougherty, Jim Burr, Tim Higgins, Ted Valentine, all of whom have worked numerous Final Fours and NC games feel they've reached all the goals they've set in officiating.
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