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Lane Violation

Ran across a scenario I have never seen in 10 years of officiating & not sure how it should have been handled. I have not checked the case book, but want to see what some of your thoughts are on the ruling. Here you go ...

A1 shooting 2nd of 2 FTs. B1 steps in lane early. A1 shoots and goes in lane early. A1 makes the basket.

So, we have a delayed violation on B1. However, when offense violates, it is immediate whistle. Do you blow it dead & re-shoot because defense violated first? Do you blow it dead & count basket because defense violated? Do you hold whistle & count FT?

This was game 4 of 5 in a long day of kids AAU ball. We just went double violation, possession arrow & moved forward. We talked later & the 3 of us could not agree on "proper" handling of situation.

Thoughts ...
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