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Originally Posted by Bainer
I am killing myself laughing...
Not because I don't believe you, or I think it's funny- but because that's what I am doing RIGHT NOW!
When the knee went, the old-school +POS Brinkman models with, like, nine straps were useless. Not only were they too tall, but they were too narrow and didn't articulate in the right spot.
I thought about what could do the job for a night or two, and figured I'd try the hockey shins. I wear +POS high-tops, so my instep/ankle wasn't an issue, and I work low and in the slut, so my thighs weren't a problem. The pads worked so well, and were so light and flexible, I wear them whenever I feel the need to wear my brace. I slip them on, and hold them up with soccer socks of all things!
It's sort of a running joke with my local guys- almost all of them referee hockey, and they keep trying to get me to call something while I'm "skating around out there"- offside, hooking, whatever.
Anyway, it's funny that you mention that.
I'm in hockey pads now, but would like to move to a real leg guard- it seems like the Wilson-Davis is the obvious choice so far.

Low in the slut? My dream job.

Anyway, most of the newer hockey shin guards do not require socks to hold them up. Mine have a couple of velcro straps that that keep them in perfect position. One flaw is that the hockey shin guards tend to stick out more so plate pants are a must.

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