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Originally posted by Bart Tyson
a player with the ball for a FT - Any player on the court or the coach of the same team(Women's Asst. coach) may request the TO, even if 9.999 sec. have elapsed. I may need help on this one but i believe it is when the player at the FT line has the ball not when it leaves the hands of the official.
I'm not sure what you're saying but my first reply still applies.

Team A can request TO anytime up until the ball is released.

Once A1 has the ball at his disposal, any request by B should be ignored.

If the ball is bounced to A1, we do not consider the ball to be at his disposal until he catches the bounced ball.

Do you allow asst. coaches to request TO? By rule, only the head coach can request TO. (NF 10-5-1a)
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