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Originally posted by daves
This was supposedly a high school camp. The people running the camp were college assignors but the players were HS. Some of the mechanics that were taught there were college mechanics. One evaluator told me not to bird dog when I called a foul. He said to come up with just a fist but not to point at the player who committed the foul. I had the hardest time not doing that as I have been doing it for years. I am the rookie evaluator for our association and I would never tell any of the rooks not to do that. It's part of the NF mechanic. If the NF decides to revise that mechanic, I don't know what I'll do. Probably officiate with one hand in my pocket.... well, maybe not.
There you have it. Most summer camps involve college supervisors and HS players. But there are two reasons why college supervisors are at the camp. They run the camp and they make a good chunk of $$ or they're looking for new officials. Either way, I have no problem with them. Anyone can certainly benefit from going to such a camp. I've been myself. But don't be mislead. They are not there to teach HS mechanics.
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