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Question from last night.

I arrived early for a meeting at a local high school last night. There were some Spring League games being played so I ducked into the gym to watch. Fairly decent play…officials did a good job of letting them play but keeping things under control. There was one thing that I have a question on…I got home late and didn’t think to look in the book this morning.

A1 attempts about an 8’ shot, A2 moves into the lane and jumps toward the hoop in an attempt to get a possible rebound…but it bounces off away from him. Instead of pulling his hand back or away from the rim, he grabs the ring and pulls it down 3 or 4 inches…ball is not even close to the basket. The lead blows his whistle and calls a T on A2 for grabbing the rim.

I have never seen that called on rebounding action. A2 could have easily (IMO) avoided contact with the rim. Was that a correct call? Was the official confused about the rule?

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