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question for umpires

Can anyone explain this umpire's actions?

12U NSA tournament game.
From the second inning on the opposing coach starts chirping that my pitcher is "quick pitching" or not presenting correctly. What he didn't like is that my pitcher holds the ball in her glove hand and doesn't show the ball at all until she starts the upward swing of her pitch. Blue tells him she is legal and tells me not to worry about when I ask whats going on.

Then, bottom of the last inning with about 5 min left in a time limit game, score tied one to one, runner on first one out, the ump goes out to my pitcher and tells her she has to change her motion and start with the ball in her pitching hand, and bring it to her glove before she starts her motion.

His reason? The other coach and fans have been complaining all game!
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