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In JR's world, he professes to not care about anything, nor ever understand why anyone would ever care about anything. If I had a dime for every JR response that says, "Why would anyone care...", I'd be rich. JR - take it as a hint that if people are responding, they are doing so because THEY CARE about the topic. Does it really matter why they would care?

And that's not even touching on the fact that you care enough to waste typing energy to denigrate the fact that someone else cares.

I too feel like Rich does. There was at least a couple recently where good discussion was happening (as opposed to the normal insulting of each other that seems to be the norm recently), yet because the person who happened to start the thread (someone who was no longer even participating in the discussion, by the way) decided he didn't like the thread anymore, the good discussion was deleted.
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