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Others here have alluded to the real issue, IMO..its not current pay, bennies, per diem, whatever. Its the entire system of umpire intake/progression/firing.

For whatever reason, baseball and the umpires support/have supported the monopoly of the process by only two schools and the PBUC, and rigidly control the pipeline in every aspect using reasoning and methods that are often serious compromised by politics. In yours and other countless examples, logic does not play a strong role here. I'm sure that the current system's defenders would argue its merits over all other alternatives, but I have trouble seeing its advantages, other than total control over the process.

As I read the situation, a possible outcome to this current labor tiff could be the dissolution of the current monopoly-system, to the benefit of future umpires. That, if it comes to pass, will have far greater longterm effects than the pay/benefit status of the current strikers.
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