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I kind of think the notion that there was a perception that he intimidated the crew in the Washington game and got favorable treatment, or that he should have been whacked a second time, are a little insulting to the crew. I believe that if they thought a second T was warranted, they would have called it, and those who argue that a crew at that level was intimidated into making particular calls are similar to those who take Billy Packer's word for the notion that a call was blown.

As an official I agree with you, but those words were coming from tournament officials. I don't know who was there specifically to watch the officials, but there was discussion up and down the scorer's table about the situation. Everyone knows Calhoun has a penchant for rough language and is known to work the officials, but on Friday night he was particularly bad. After watching the game in person, I watched again on TiVo and the game broadcast missed about 75% of his theatrics. My own personal opinion is that they would've tossed him if it was a regular season contest. Calhoun was much less animated on Sunday, and I think the crew had a lot to do with that.
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