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Originally Posted by tcblue13
SC Ump
You are tough on the churches.
The first adult ball team I ever played on was a small town church team. It was great, we had a blast and I honestly can't ever remember an argument.

Perhaps there is some other dynamic in larger churches in larger cities. Though I'm no longer a church goer, perhaps I still expect a higher standard from the folks that respresent those institutions.

In a high school tournament this past week-end, we called a penalty strike for a slap hitter wiping out the front line of the batters box. (New NFHS rule.) It was called against the local private religious school. In a fairly quiet discussion, the coach told my partner that it was a "bullshėt call".

I agree with my grandma's words, "churches are for sinners, not just saints." Maybe these are just the types of instances that stand out the most.
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