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Originally Posted by mg43
This happened a couple of years ago but I will never forget it. The pitcher just stood there. This situation was slightly different because our B-R, who was walked, took one step into the field and immediately returned to 1st. No "hard move" was made to 2nd. She was called out as soon as she returned to 1st.
Wow, were you playing in North Manchester, Indiana? I had this exact same call made last year in one of our games. I had a slow runner on third, slow runner drawing a walk and going to first base. Top of the order coming up, so I'm just happy we got our batter on base. Out of nowhere, she's hustling to first base, rounds first, takes two steps towards second, stops and immediately goes back to first base. BU immediately calls her out and says once she rounded first she was required to advance to second. What could I say? I just shook my head and the first opportunity I had I explained to my player that she did nothing wrong.

This was the same umpire who in a different game made a no-call when my shortstop got bowled over by a runner as she was fielding a ground and followed that up in the next inning by calling interference on my fastest runner who on a straight steal had run three steps past the second baseman before the ball went behind her only to be bobbled by said second baseman. He had on an ASA shirt and an ASA cap, but since he was wearing blue jeans with his shirt untucked and only ever took his hands out of his pockets to make safe or out calls, I don't doubt he just ordered his attire online somewhere.

I guess that's why Wayne Myers, our state commissioner, demands that we not order equipment from anywhere other than through him.
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