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OK, on the amended question of "Or maybe, "how coaches have you shown the door to"?"

Let's see - in the last 5 years - which covers over 1400 games of fast pitch
College - 1 - and he was fired at year's end, partly for his repeated run ins with umpires.
scholastic ball - none, with 1 restriction
summer ball - 5

I agree with JFA's statement that "ejections should be few and far between."

Game management, appearance, showing that you've got skill & expertise, and what I'll call a 'command presence' all work together to keep the number of ejections low. But like the obscene, I'll know it when I see it - and I'll know how it's to be handled.

Addition - I forgot to say that I've effectively used the old FU call 3 or 4 times in that time span - and that probably save the ejection number from being higher.

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