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Hey keep up the good work. Continue with your desire to move up and you will get your chance. Believe me you will have many games and many partners who think that they are the "chosen one" out on the court. I recently had a game with an official who had that idea. He had moved into the state and was assigned to work with me for one game. I am quite young to be a college official and he didn't know that I was officiating at that level. Well he had been assigned to be the R for the game and was going over our pregame. He then told me that we will not be calling a foul on the home team until the visitor had committed a foul and that was at least a couple of minutes into the game. Because that is how college does it. I just made mention that I would be calling a foul if I saw a disadvange to EITHER team reguardless of the time. I didn't tell him that I did officiate at the college level. During the game he made a call that I had never seen before. The coach hadn't seen one like that either. Well he spoke to the coach and said that is how it was interpeted in the NCAA now and High School had the same interpetation. The coach knew me quite well and asked me to come over and talk about it, knowing that I am a college official. It was during a time out BTW. My partner about died when he found out that he was wrong and that I was ranked just a little bit higher than he was. Needless to say he didn't say another word. Nor did want to talk very much after the game. So take a lesson, keep your mouth shut, smile, and nod your head at what people have to say, because if it is wrong it will come back and bite them.
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