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This is definitely not a good situation to get in good game management habits. You just have to take the initiative and maybe even do it yourself. I work with a couple of guys that are just there for a few extra bucks and really don't care in some JV tournaments around, one even goes outside at halftime to smoke. Mechanics are horrible and coaches usually try to eat us alive if I let it happen. I realized quickly that these guys were not trying to get better, and I could not let that keep me from getting better. I began to just take charge saying things like "well, i'll go get captains and coaches", if they want to join in fine, if not fine. I force them to switch, by getting to the right spot first and giving them a little nod or point, always keeping it friendly with a laugh or smile so they don't get angry with me. After a few times like this, the one I am mostly talking about when I worked with him Saturday, he just says "take charge" and follows me around. Not always going to be easy, as this situation took a year or so to develop into one I could live with. I have to constantly remind him to watch off ball and invariably a couple times a game I will have to bust it across court because he is so far out of position. Just how I handle it, comments appreciated.
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