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Once the game has started, a time-out can be granted during any dead ball, or can be granted to the team in control if one of its players has control of the ball. Before a FT, after a FT, when the shooter has the ball for a FT; it just doesn't matter. Your partner sounds like he was just trying to get the game over as quickly as possible. You were right in this situation. (The only exception to this is after the expiration of regulation time in the fourth quarter or subsequent overtime period. In this situation, one time-out may be granted, but successive time-outs are not allowed.)

As far as your partners not wanting to pre-game or take care of the administrative parts of the game, that is not all that uncommon, unfortunately. You just have to keep doing what you know is right. If your partner is the R and doesn't want to do a pregame with you, then take in on yourself to ask him quesitons about certain situations. "I don't how you usually work, but I always switch on fouls." Or, "Do you come across the lane to work ballside as the Lead?" It's not much, but it might help you to get a feel for how this official will work. And it also will help to get you in a "game-ready" mindset.

You're in a tough situation, because the quality of your partners is going vary wildly. (It varies at all levels, but the amount of variation decreases as you "move up".)You'll work with other dedicated officials, such as yourself; and you'll work with shlubs. You just have officiate the best game you can.

Don't let the shlubs frustrate you or discourage you from doing a pregame (even if it's just with yourself) or from your administrative responsibilities.

Best of luck thru the rest of your season.


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