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You make some good points. Just like you can't build a sturdy house without a solid foundation, you can't build a successful basketball program without good fundamental skills. In our era of "instant gratification" few kids (and their parents too) have the patience to put in the time and effort it takes to develop the skills it takes to become a good player.

Aside from the common misunderstandings of the rules, one fundamental concept of the game that officials rely on, and which is rarely understood except by officials is that of advantage/disadvantage. What many non-officials think are missed calls are, in reality, minor actions that created neither an advantage nor disadvantage for the players involved. This concept is key to keeping the flow of a game going within the guidelines of the rules, while preventing either team from gaining an advantage by violating them. It's also one of the most difficult things an official has to learn how to do consistently and effectively.
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