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Every year, we have two practices that I've asked officials who are good friends of mine reffing at the college level to attend. While the primary purpose is to have these officials explain the rules to the players AND parents (mandatory parent attendance at these two practices) in a Q&A format, the best part is when they let us run through and critique some of our drills.

This is a non-threatening environment where you can actually have an honest discussion on what the players are doing to cause the violation. Doing it in a drill and getting feedback is excellent! These open exchanges help greatly and I think the players have a greater respect for the officials as a result. Everyone, especially the parents, learn a lot.

In my case, since the two are husband and wife and they never officiate my AAU games, I'm able to get away with a $75 gift certificate at their favorite restaurant as payment for their time. They'd probably do it for free, but like I said, they're my friends and it's definitely money well spent.
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