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Good post. I agree. I started coaching in the 70's at the JH level and moved to the HS and even college level well into the 80's. Even with my HS varsity team, I'd spend 40-50% of practices on fundamental drills. It pays off. Now I see coaches pressing and running and throwing up 3-pointers and never working on real basketball. Funny that coaches will say, "We don't have a lot of talent so we are going to run." I just laugh because nothing shows a lack of fundamental passing, dribbling, etc. than a running game. I see kids out of position and reaching on presses because they have lousy footwork. I'd tell my players to play defense with your feet, not your hands. I see held balls called because kids haven't been taught to pivot (a lost art) to protect the ball. The game has deteriorated to 3-pt shots, dunks and presses. Kids can't drive to the hoop as well as they used to and if they do, they can't pull up for the J. I see lousy boxing out technique. I see kids running under the basket even on FT's instead of holding their position. Coaches don't even teach the inside player to step across the defender on FT's. They don't really teach basketball, they just roll the ball out and let 'em play. It's sad to see so many kids not being taught fundamentals.

I won't even talk about today's parents because that would require too much space here.

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