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bekays --

this last year i coached boys freshman -- wont ever do it again simply because i felt i put way more in than the players and the parents just need to understand that their kids need to fight some battles --

our fundamental skill were horrible -- most practices i had to work on drills like wings getting the ball and pivoting inside foot or reverse pivot and then taking one hard dribble and big step baseling or middle -- we worked a lot on footwork and a lot on boxing-out (not rebounding but boxing-out).

we spent a lot of time on defensive technique and aggressiveness -- albeit tho that that was my biggest gripe is that I wanted competitors and didnt care for the skill, instead i got kids who I felt for the most part were there just to be there and lacked real commitment.

One thing I have found that helps the most is having a player who is a leader on your team (i coached an 8th grade team 2 years ago and had 1 kid that was vocal and would get into players) -- this i would say helps a lot but the nature of many parents these days just seems to not be breeding many leaders.
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