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I don't get Referee so I didn't see the article. MN has already lost it's voting prvileges with the NFHS by going to 18 halves for the 2005-2006 season. The MSHSL surveyed the coaches and I guess 70% were in favor of the increase.

Remember MN is the state where the kid made the last second basket laying on the floor at the 3 pt arc. The officials correctly called it a 2 pt basket and his team won the game in overtime.

Here is the posting from the Minnesota State High School League web site on the use of replay:


Officials may use courtside video replay only in the semifinal and championship games of the
State Girls’ or Boys’ Basketball Tournament — and only if the final outcome of the game will be affected. The situations in which replay would be used are listed below:

·To prevent or rectify a mistake caused by the failure to properly start or stop the game clock that occurs at or near the expiration of the final period.
·To determine whether a try for a field goal at or near the expiration of either the first half or
final period was released before activation of the period-ending backboard red light or LED lights.
·To determine if a try for goal at or near the expiration of the final period is a two- or
three-point attempt.


1)Video replays will be used at the sole discretion of the game referee. All three officials may confer at the scorer's table.
2)The officials will inform both coaches of the reason for the review.
3)Both teams must return to their respective bench areas.
4)When a play is to be reviewed, the public address announcer will say: “A play is under
video review."
5)Video replays will not be shown in the building.
6)The referee will make the final decision. The referee will reverse a call only when there is indisputable evidence that the original call was incorrect.
7)If necessary, the referee will determine the correct point from which to resume play.
8)The officials will inform both coaches and the public address announcer of the final
decision. A public address announcement of the decision will be made.

I have a quarter-final game at the state tournament so it won't have any impact on me. But I know some officials from our association who have semifinal and championship games. It'll be interesting to hear how much time and how the state clinicians cover the replay use at the officials pregame meetings.
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