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Originally posted by SeanFitzRef
Why is it that so many officials call a non shooting foul when a player is clearly beginning the "shooting motion", as it is stated in the FED and NCAA rule books? This would cut down tremendously on the number of "ticky-tack" fouls during the course of a game.

Case in point: A1 delivers a pass in the post to A5. As A5 turns to shoot but has not released the ball, B5 pushes with two hands. "TWEET!!" A5 releases the shot and the ball goes in. Score the goal 'and one', or A ball out of bounds?
Not to be too tautological, but, 4-41-3 says "The try starts when the player begins the motion which habitually precedes the release of the ball." You could say that motion began at midcourt on the dribble, since everyone wants to shoot and score, more or less, but that would obviously be stretching the fabric. It's more reasonable to say that the habitually motion is clearly in play when the player picks the ball up from a dribble - just one instance of criterion. In such a case, if the official calls the foul 'on the floor' he or she is probably wrong.

In the case you advance, it sounds like the post player is shooting . . .

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