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Originally posted by Largent
Last night in the Duke/Va Tech game, Duke's Point Guard, Paulus, drove to the hoop, got fouled and then the Va Tech defender who fouled him, pushed Paulus and was assessed a T.
Uhm thats NOT what happened.

VATech guard Washington drove to the hoop and was fouled (block) by Melchionni of Duke. As the two players were tangled up under the basket, Washington KICKED Melchionni in the face! It was ruled (correctly) a flagrant contact technical foul and he was ejected. Some poor schmuck who has attempted all of 8 free throws all year for VA shot the two shots for Washington and then Reddick shot two for the T. The T was administered correctly as this was a dead ball situation.

The officials released a statement afterward saying, through replay, they determined the kick was a "combative action" and the matter will be reviewed by the league office. Greenberg said he's not ready to say if he'll take additional action.
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