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Originally posted by 26 Year Gap
Pre-game: 2 co-coaches. I ask who will be the head coach today and let them know that he has the standing and coaching box privileges. With 1:02 left in a 15 point game, the coach [whose team is leading] gets whacked by my partner. I go to advise him that he will need to remain seated for the final minute of the game. His partner then asks, "Is it okay for me to stand?"
Girls JV this weekend. One of those heavy momentum swing games made up of ten + poinnt runs by each team. Darn - can those type events be a handful.

During a particularily brutal phase team A just went to sleep. Team B was swatting every Team A shot, pass, rebound anything anywhere they wanted. Wide open layups on their end.

Coach A stands and yells so the whole gym hears: "It is an absolute impossibility that they are blocking every one of our shots!!" "Call something".

Right them a weak Team A pass to interior is swatted away and off we go the other way. Layup.

She continue her loud assumptive argument: "This is impossible. It cannot be happening. They have to be fouling us somewhere".

Anybody know the rule she was referencing?

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