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Thanks guys, actually you are right, the game I was working was going 7 Minute Quarters. Technically, the coach was right that the OT period should have been set ORIGINALLY to 3 MINUTES instead of 5 Minutes. That's what I get for trying to post at midnight local time after a long day working, reffing and having dinner with friends. ZZZZZZZZ

HOWEVER, I guess it was hard to explain last night, but the visiting coach wanted us to just take two minutes off the clock.

I.E., the clock was at 3:27 at the time and he said (to paraphrase) "Just take two minutes off the clock and make it 1:27". I assume his reasoning was that since OT was started with 2 extra minutes, we could knock 2 minutes off and call it even. I doubt the home coach would have been happy about that (and the rather large crowd would have, somewhat unhappy with that).

Also, interestingly enough, I believe this was the first ever overtime contest I've ever worked while doing high school games. If it was, what a way to "break in'.

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