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Originally posted by lookin2improve
A1 fouled on successful attempt. When administering what should have been 1 shot, U2 tells players '2 shots'. A1 misses FT, A2 sticks back rebound while team B watches...aside from the obvious lack of communication by the crew, is there anything that can be done after the fact? How do you pacify B's head coach?

This is a situation that I wish the Fed had an approved ruling on. I do not believe that you should penalize the kids that "listened to the ref". They were told that after the first shot, the ball will be dead.

As T, I always ALWAYS double check to hear what the L says for the number of FTs coming. So in reality, A2 secured a legitimate rebound. By fairness, others didn't have a chance to rebound as they thought the ball becomes dead after the attempt.

How do you feel about an AR that says:

  • the basket is wiped out due to the error caused by the official

  • A keeps their rebound

  • A gets a throw-in on the endline
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