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Troward --

Everything everyone else says is true, but I would like to emphasize asking advice. A certain amount of the advice you get will be useless, but as you work your way along, you will learn who to listen to. Camp is just a really intnse advice session.

log the advice, who it came from and when, into your journal. Here's how I keep my journal: I bought a little spiral notebook about 4 x 5 inches. On each page, I write at the top the details such as level, date, time, location, assignor, and amt paid. Then I write 5 things I feel good about, and then 5 things to work on. On the back of the page I write questions I need to look up or ask about, and situations I need to remembre how to handle.

The only time I had a situation where I needed to "journal" as a vent, I did that here on the board (Howard, I hope you weren't reading back then -- it was awful!!). The folks here are so supportive and helpful, it kept me from suicide.
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