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Originally posted by Chess Ref
Been reading the other thread and had a couple things i need some feedback on.

1. Player A sets a screen behind Player B, I have noticed most of the time
Player B starts turning and stops when they "feel" the other player there. My thinking is that there needs to be contact,along the lines of displacement and not just touching/rubbing. Is my thinking headed in the right direction ?

2. Player A sets screen , Player B running through key, at last second Player
A moves slightly into Player B,usually minimal contact but contact nonetheless. Should I be looking at this minimal contact as a foul or is this need to be let go unless it is substantional ?

Been working on off-ball the last several weeks and these seem to be the two most occurring SITCH.
1. If contact is made by the screener, its illegal. In this case the person that is getting screen has to be able to see the screen in order to avoid the screen.

2. If Player B causes contact, the screen is illegal.
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