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Originally posted by Jurassic Referee
Originally posted by truerookie
Nevadaref & rainmaker,

I believe I understand now. The shot was missed and rebounded. The error discovered. The OP did not say who rebounded the ball. This is why it is no.

I initially viewed it at as Team A being awarded an unmerited ft (at 6 instead of 7)which in turn is correctable.
It is a case of team A being awarded a unmerited FT and thus it is a correctible error. Your initial view was right iow. The officials used rule 2-10-1(b) as a basis to correct the error. What Nevada is telling you is the proper way to now correct that error.

The answer was a "no" because correcting the error does not automatically give team A the ball back at the spot where the foul occurred as if no FT had happened, as OFISHE8 asked. The error is corrected as per rule 2-10-4&6, which says you cancel the FT that was taken, and you then resume play at the POI at the time the error was rectified. That POI was when the whistle was blown after the FT was missed. Rainmaker told you that additional info was needed and then Nevada laid out the different options in the correction, dependant on what team had the ball when the whistle was blown or whether there was no possession when the whistle was blown.

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Jurassic Referee,
thanks, the poi come into play when the whistle was blown dead. Thus, the information rainmaker stated was needed. Nevada, provided the options. I understand mo better now.
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