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Originally posted by OFISHE8
Here is a new wrinkle, the administrating official of the unmerited free throw announces "two shots" instead of one and one. The free throw misses and the official comes into the lane and grabs the ball to administer the second free throw. Trail blows his whistle and the errors are realized at this point. So we have an umerited free throw by Team A and a wrong amount of free throws administered. What happens next?
You just correct the unmerited FT, as above. Neither team had control at the POI of the correction----> so you go to an AP. The other wrinkle is an inconsequential official's error that really has no relevancy to the correction. The correction would be handled the same even if the officals had allowed a second FT also after the missed first FT. Cancel all FT's and go to the POI.
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