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Originally posted by OFISHE8
Team A is awarded a one and one on the sixth team foul of B1. Mistake is discovered after the first free throw(which was missed). Does Team A get the ball back where they should have had the free throw not taken place?
Rainmaker, look again closely at the specific question asked. The answer is simply NO. The game is continued from the POI. Whichever team rebounded the miss gets a throw-in from the nearest OOB spot. If neither team had gained control from the miss when the game was stopped due to the recognition of the error, then the AP arrow is used to determine possession.

Either way the game does not revert back to a throw-in by Team A from the position of the foul by B1.

Although, we don't have enough info to determine what the correct restart is, and you correctly detailed the what ifs, that wasn't what the OP asked, we do have enough info to answer the question that was asked.

So again that answer is a simplistic NO.

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