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Arrived early to observe the JV officials and my partner and I arrive at the same time.

He asked if the school called me too because they only had one official show up for the frosh game.

We go in, I dress faster than my partner and go out to do the end of the freshman game. The official there is another varsity official who was my partner two years ago, so instead of one of us working the whole game or us splitting it up by halves we decide to go 3 whistle.

JV game was well played, only shot one 1 and 1 in regulation and had a last second shot that could have won it miss and the visitors won it by 3 in OT.

Boys varsity game, teams have 6 wins between them, so we were expecting an ugly but close game...we got it.

4-5 point game the entire way, lots of fouls, both coaches begging for calls. Visitors are going through a laundry list the entire game. Home team dad starts yelling for 3 seconds every trip, and the home coach starts asking for it too.

I'm in front of him and he says, "Can you watch for 3 seconds, we got marshmallows in there."

I reply with, "The other coach keeps asking for it too, so we are being consistent." He failed to get the point...we did not have a 3 second call the entire game, go figure.

Home team goes into the stall with 4 minutes left and a 7 point lead, and what happens most times when teams without a lot of talent stall? They turn it over and missed a lot of FTs down the stretch and end up losing by 5.

Two games and change, a better played JV game than varsity, got to dust off my 3 lucky so and so's that get to do it all the time...ugly varsity game, and the AD said the checks will be in the mail for the JV game...yeah right.

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