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Originally posted by bgtg19
Originally posted by bob jenkins
Originally posted by Largent
So, if I understand this correctly, all game action that occurs after the error, until the error is realized, counts? Please advise. Thanks.
In general, that's true.

In some instances, flagrant personal fouls, intentional personal fouls and Ts are ignored.

See 2-10 for more details.
Bob, I don't have my books with me, but don't you have that wrong? My memory tells me that we NEVER ignore flagrant personal fouls, intentional personal fouls and Ts. Your statement that we ignore that stuff just seems wrong. Am I all mixed up?

What I meant was "In some instances, fouls other than flagrant, intentional, T are ignored.

I'm certain I typed it that way, and the d*** software deleted those words.

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