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This thread might be total BS. I will know after the Vivarin wears off and I can sleep.

A close game or a blow out? Or, should I say, is there a time during the season where you would like a blowout? I thought I was there the other day until I had a JC game that was a 79 point blowout! We had to really focus to make sure the losing team didn't get frustrated and nothing funky happened. If 79 points sounds bad, it was actually worse. The game started with a tap, dribble, alley-oop and one. There was probably 19:57 on the clock and the beginning of the end. Mentally these games are more challenging; my foot and knee was hurting. I don't think there was anything big wrong with them, it was just mental. Tonight we had overtime (D2 game) and I wasn't gassed until 2:20 left in OT. I think I had used up all my energy by then and I realized I was hungry. Nothing hurt like yesterday so I think the blowout was mentally harder. Both games turned out great and now I'm going to jump in the shower and pass out. Yes, it is 4am in the DC area and yes, the drive I just took proves that I'm a basketball junkie.

Vivarin is some good stuff!
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