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To this point in my officiating career I had not worked a High School game solo. This Friday ( The 13th ) I had to. My partner and I had just finished the first half of an up-tempo freshmen game. We where walking back to our locker room when I noticed he was not behind me any more. I went back out into the gym and there he was breathing heavily and checking his pulse. I helped him back to the locker room and then called for the AD. Apparently he had some kind of heart ailment and this was his first game back in some time. The AD felt it was important for my partner to get some medical attention. He asked if I could work the second half by myself and he would make calls to get some one for the JV game. So my partner left and I went out and explained everything to the coaches who where very understanding. The second half went smoothly and after the game the AD and both coach complemented me on the job I did. I mark it down as just another learning experience.
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